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Dezhou Litai Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd.
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Products of Hydraulic Transmissoin  
Diesel Engine-hydraulic Coupling Reverse-gear Box Set
Diesel Engine-hydraulic Coupling Reverse-gear Box Set

1.YOTFJ450~875 series speed-adjustable hydraulic coupling reverse-gear reducer and power unit are late-model hydraulic transmission products that designed according to characteristics of the working condition of oil drilling rig and mud pump.With advantages of on-load startup,overload protection,torsional isolation,impact mitigation,stepless speed regulation,quick and steady clutch,etc.

2.This product is used for the replacement of the traditional diesel engine mud pump single pump units,and eliminates the need for the traditional mechanical reducer,air bag clutch and driving belt.

3.The structure is compact and convenient for operation and maintenance.The power range of the unites is 105KW(140Hp)~3000KW(4000Hp),which can fully meet the drive requirement of existing drilling rig when using 200~2200Hp mud pump.

4.Both diesel engine and electric motors can be used to be the engine of power unit,when using electric motor and making full use of grid electricity resources,the cost of energy can be saved more than 40%.


Dezhou LiTai  Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd.  

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