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Weighing, Length Measuring and Marking system  
Weighing, Length Measuring and Marking system
Weighing, Length Measuring and Marking system

Steel Pipe Weighing, length measuring and marking system combines checkout and marking function into one automatic system with combination of machinery, electric apparatus and automatization with advantages of high precision, fast marking and spraying speed, clear character, beautiful color, high automatization, easy operation and convenient maintenance. Subsystem in the equipment can be matched after choosing one or several subsystems. Whole performance and index of this equipment are in highest flight among same products in the world. This equipment is composed of weighing system, length measuring system, ma rk-spray system, mark-make system, multi-color ring-spray system and stepping pipe mover.

1、Equipment Type:(PAT.)

2、Main characteristics:

1) Advanced test control method
   Adopt “Industrial control computer+ PLC” test control system which has safe and reliable running and can be regulated agilely and conveniently.

2) Fast speed and high precision

3) The device can effectively protect outer surface of the tube from falling off; uplifting, falling and transmission of steel tube all adopt slow buffer and soft contact which can lower and avoid metal clashing with characteristic of environmental protection;

4) Multi-level Protection
   Low pressure alarming protector; machinery of measuring sliding way and double protection; overload and short circuit protection of electric equipment

5) Timely dynamic display
   Industrial control software package is used to design monitor program of the computer to dynamically show the weighing, length measuring and the whole mark-spray process via cartoon, curve, characters and data with active image and appearance.

6)Automatically create various production report forms, convent for management

3、Performance and Index

Length Measuring and Weighing Performance :

    Length measuring range: 8m to 13m (optional)
    Length Measuring Precision: ±2mm
    Weighing range: 0kg~2000kg(optional)
    Weighing precision: 1‰

Performance of Mark-spray Service Position :

    Spray Lattice: more than 10types, such as 10×8, 12×8, 14×10, 16×12
    Height of character: max 48mm
    Speed: 0 to 120m/min
    Marking medium: white dope
    Lacquer consumable: 4L oil paint can print about 500,000characters.

Performance of Mark-making Service Position :

    Printing speed: 3 to 5 Size 2 English characters or 100mm beeline
    Printing depth: 0.01 to 2mm, adjustable, determined by materials
    Printing content: any characters and figures
    Print conforming to serial number, repeated numbers will be automatically checked
    Power supply: AC220V±10%,500W
    Working hours without malfunction on average: 10000h

Performance index of color-spraying ring: (company patent technology)

Width: 25mm (adjustable)
Distance: 25mm
Amount of multi-color ring: 3 to 4 groups, adjustable


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