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Dezhou Litai Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd.
Mailing Address: Xi'an Xingzuo,Wenhua Rod, Dezhou city,Shandong provicne, China
Phone: +86-534-2300561
Fax: +86-534-2351122

Tubing and casing Production line  
Tubing and Casing Production Line
Tubing and Casing Production Line
Our company is specialized in design,production,installation,debugging and service of tubing and casing production line, including pipe transfer device——derusting——threading(unqualified,cutted)——screwing on the coupling——pressure testing——drifter——threading(unqualified,cutted)——screwing on the thread protector——painting——drying——length measuring,weighing and marking——packing and so on.
conveyor rollers:the space and quantity of the rollers is designed acc