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Dezhou Litai Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd.
Mailing Address: Xi'an Xingzuo,Wenhua Rod, Dezhou city,Shandong provicne, China
Phone: +86-534-2300561
Fax: +86-534-2351122

API-7 Mud Pump Valve Assembly
API-7 Mud Pump Valve Assembly
Valves and Seats
Delian valve and seat are made of forged alloy steel with deep carburized wear surface. We offer a full range of valves and seats which include full open valve and seat, 3 web / 4 web design valve and seat.
Full Open Valve and Seat
The valve comes with full open seat features four guide wings. They are either inertia welded to the valve body or uniformly forged with valve body. The urethane insert can be easily snapped on.
3 Web / 4 Web design Valve and Seat
The 3 web / 4 web seat comes with stem guided valve. The urethane insert is tightened by steel plate and nut. It can be easily replaced with minimum down time. They offer long lasting service life under harsh service conditions.

Dezhou LiTai  Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd.  

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