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The next few years editrice domestic drilling mud pump development trend
Along with the drilling technology, especially high pressure jet drilling, near balance drilling, cluster directional well and horizontal well and other new technology, new technology development, the drilling pump further to high power, large capacity and high pump pressure direction advance, as the drill "heart" of the drilling pump, its performance level and the service life and drilling rate and the cost of production has a direct relationship, and its working conditions, and very bad, condition also is extremely complex, therefore, the drilling pump working reliability and safety requirements more and more is also high.
The advantages of the triplex pump at home and abroad are: hydraulic end L structure, composite cone valve rubber, cooling jacket piston hole jet portable spray device, vertical type suction air bag; The power in vitro powerful lubrication system, closed internal fixation guide mechanism. The development direction of the drilling technology is to improve the ageing, reduce the cost and adopting can lower the cost of new technology, new technology and new equipment. Using large displacement high pressure jet drilling technology is the inevitable choice of this trend. High pressure jet by the high reliability of the drilling pump to ensure. Therefore, drilling pump is the development trend of: (1) reduce the rated speed, by 150 impact/min to 110 a 120 impact/min, (2) the long stroke, the biggest stroke has amounted to more than 300 mm. (3) reduce the impact time, reduce the impact time can not only improve the wearing parts such as piston seal, the service life of cylinder sleeve, but also can reduce inertia loss, improve pump aspiration can, at the same time improve the pump power end gear and bearing parts service life and greatly improve the reliability of the drilling pump. Therefore reasonably reduce the pump of blunt times, appropriately increase pump stroke length, neither meet drilling process of displacement request, and can ensure that pump self-priming performance, give full play to the pump efficiency, become in the future the development direction of the drilling pump design.
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